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Sunday, April 10, 2011

In My Mailbox #9

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Where She Went

Only one book this week, but it's a good one! I wasn't planning on buying this today, but I was out shopping for shoes when I realized there was a Borders a few minutes away and decided to get Where She Went, the sequel to If I Stay. 

What's in your mailbox? Leave a link and I'll take a look :)


  1. I haven't read either If I Stay or Where She Went, but I've heard great things about both of them! Hope you enjoy Where She Went! Can't wait to read what you think, maybe I'll pick up the books. :)))


  2. you will absolutely love WSW I am sure :)

    I liked it more than If I Stay :)


  3. I haven't read If I Stay or Where She Went either but I'm working on it. Hope you'll enjoy Where She Went :)

  4. I absolutely LOVE the cover of the book.Hope you enjoy this book.Heres my IMM-http://bookaholic5.blogspot.com/2011/04/in-my-mailbox-2.html

  5. I have If I Stay in my pile but haven't read it yet though ... I can't wait to do so !! !

  6. I got Where She Went this week too! I don't actually have time to read it yet but I just wanted my own copy in my hands, lol. Happy Reading! :)

  7. hi new follower here i heard this series is sooo good

  8. I just recently purchased If I stay, but have yet to read it :) I've heard nothing but amazing things about both books! Happy Reading!!

  9. Adored this book, twas totally awesome!


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